Fairy Lights is a minigame in Stampy's Funland

Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights




Stampy's Funland

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The Fairy Lights minigame is under construction starting in the episode Teleporter, between the episodes of Teleporter and Orbstacle Course, Stampy works on the redstone that powers the minigame, and then finishes building it in the episode Orbstacle Course. Some helpers that helped build it were William Beaver and Choo Choo. The first tester game was in the episode Orbstacle Course where Stampy played against William Beaver.

Game Edit

Fairy Lights is mostly centered around experience orbs and the theory that if you are close enough to an experience orb, it will gravitate towards you. Using this theory, Stampy created an obstacle course for you to try and guide an experience orb as a race against other players. Another theory used is the theory that experience orb can follow you through glass, this theory is used throughout almost the entire game.

Mechanics Edit

Each player has a coal ore to break them and appear an experience orb. Once players both have orbs, the game starts. The players will encounter few "orb-stacles", starting with the iron doors. The player must try to enter the orb through the doors. The next obstacle is the flapping iron trapdoors, where the player must cross the orb fast before it flaps down. The next obstacle is the water flow, where the orb stops or move backward. The player must pass the orb through it before the water flows.

After that, the player must go up through a ladder where the next obstacles will be. Now, the next obstacle are two glass pane bridges, where the player will try to cross the orb through two bridges without falling down. Then the player must gravitate the orb through the last stretch and the player who tries to light the redstone lamp up wins.

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