Stampy's House, Stampy's Lovely World


Stampy (formerly)
Crimson Azoth (formerly)
Squid (formerly)

Built by

Stampy Cat

First Appearance

Gregory The Dog

Other Appearances

Almost seen every episode

The Entrance is the oldest room in Stampy's House.

History and Appearance Edit

Originally, the Entrance was almost fully made of wood but later given sandstone patterns. Built with Stampy's first dog Gregory, the part of the house includes very little. Notable features of the area include small windows, a glass floor to see water, and a decorative encased lava sculpture on the ceiling/roof. It has two rooms — one is sort of a viewing room and the other is the front door. It has been updated by having the staircase to the other rooms underneath the part of the house (including rooms such as the Water Room, Lava Room, etc.), and also adding a fire alarm added much later from when the room was originally built.

The viewing room of the Entrance once served as a temporary bedroom for Stampy and Crimson Azoth, and briefly, for Squid after he was kicked out of what would become Henry and Hilda's Room.

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