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Duck Fling is a game inside Stampy's Funland.

What it is 1

Duck Fling is a game in Stampy's Funland that is all about flinging... can you guess? That's right! Chickens.

The game is contained in a large statue of a duck. A high walkway across the middle of the statue overlooks both sides.

How it is used 1

When on the walkway, you are presented with two sides - each side contains an equal amount of chickens-I mean ducks. Your job is to attempt to 'fling' all of the chickens in your side to the opponents side.

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This is done using a fishing rod. Firing the fishing rod onto a chicken hooks onto it, and releasing it "flings" it into the air. If done skilfully, this can - and is meant to - successfully fling the chicken into the opponent's side.

When the given time is up, the chickens on both sides is counted up. The side with the least chickens is the winner.

When it was made 1

Duck Fling was built and played in the following episodes:

Trivia 1
  • Duck Fling 3 Cropped

    The first concept for "Duck Fling".

    The game was originally going to be set outside, however Stampy decided to build a giant statue of a 'duck' around it to make it look better.
  • Difficulty was had trying to get chickens to spawn at first, and thus episode number 58 does not feature them actually playing the game.
  • Stampy won the first ever official game.
  • Duck Fling is the nearest game to the Funhouse train station stop.

Videos 1
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Minecraft Xbox - The Duck Fling 59

Minecraft Xbox - The Duck Fling 59

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