Douse the House is a game in the Funland.


The entire game is set outside. On the front, there are two houses which are burning while behind it, there are two TNT Bridges with a long pool of lava in the middle. If the TNT fell, good thing there is a large pool of water so it will not damage the game. At the end, there are three, tiny pools of water where you get the water.


The aim of the game is to remove the fire by using water. Every player gets one bow and one bucket. To get the water, you need to cross the TNT bridge without falling down. If you fall down, you will go back to the beginning and try again. You can fall down your opponent's TNT's, so that's why you have a bow, you have to shoot an arrow pass the lava and the arrow will be burning, so the TNT will fall down and make it harder for him/her to jump across. So does you will experience this, as the opponent does the same. Once you pass the bridge, you get water, go back again and try to remove the fire. You will do this again until you remove out all of the fire. The first person to remove the fire is the winner.

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