Doobie Doo
Episode Number 13
Release Date September 21, 2015

Stampy Cat

Sqaishey Quack

Previous Episode Great Heights
Next Episode Off The Rails

Doobie Doo is the thirteenth episode in Cave Den. 


Sqaishey starts the episode this time instead of Stampy. due to the challenge in the previous episode. In the previous episode, Stampy and Sqaishey were competing to see who could destroy the stone pillars dangling in front of the Cave Den sign faster, and Sqaishey won meaning that she got to be the boss for the next episode, which is this one. So, Sqaishey decides that they will go exploring today, and gives Stampy the task of keeping a pig safe which they named Doobie. On their journey, they found an end portal, as well as the big bridge that was addressed in the cake building. They found the key that unlocked a door to playing cake roulette. Stampy kept Doobie safe all episode, and Stampy and Sqaishey decided to make Doobie their son. The episode ends with a near death experience with Doobie, merely ten minutes after they claimed Doobie their child. Stampy then ends the episode officially.


Minecraft Xbox - Cave Den - Doobie Doo (13)
Minecraft Xbox - Cave Den - Doobie Doo (13)

Minecraft Xbox - Cave Den - Doobie Doo (13)

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