Doghouse Race
Episode 328
Release Date 12 August 2015
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Doghouse Race is the 328th episode in Stampy's Lovely World.

Synopsis Edit

In this video, Stampy and Lee Bear have their final race to the Dog House.

Plot Edit

Stampy started the video by having greetings to Lee Bear and eating Cake for breakfast. They then went to the Love Garden to add Demelza for making a Stampy paper bag puppet as well as one of his dogs. He was impressed of her artwork as a way of recycling paper bags and doing something new to it. They now headed straight to the starting line of the final and longest doghouse race ever. The mechanics of the final race are listed here. They now started racing and at the end Stampy won.

He chose Luna so she can have a chance to have a trial on the Top Paw Assault Course. Mittens appeared on the surface while they were clogging up the mess from the creeper. He decided to take her as well. They went to the assault course and both of them had their goes. Luna finished in 38 seconds while Mittens (despite being a cat) finished in 2 minutes and 15 seconds, which made the longest time ever, beating Fluffy's time of over a minute. He then ended the video from there.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox - Doghouse Race -328-

Minecraft Xbox - Doghouse Race -328-

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