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Doggy Hockey is a game inside Stampy's Funland.

What it is 1

Doggy Hockey is a game in Stampy's Funland that is based around traditional real-life hockey, containing a pitch, goals, and, unsurprisingly, a dog!

How it is used 1
Doggy hockey pitch

Doggy Hockey is set outside in a closed off pitch. The game has two sides: the blue side and the orange side. Each side has a 'goal'.

In the middle of the pitch is a white mark where a dog is placed sitting down. When the game starts, the aim is for the players to try and push the dog into their opponent's goal. The first person to do this wins.

There are also two 'danger zones' which consist of pistons to push the wall outwards towards the pitch. These are used if the dog gets stuck in a particular section of wall.

When it was made 1

Doggy Hockey was built and played in the following episodes:

"Ice Rink" [231] - September 20th 2014

"Danger Zone" [232] - September 24th 2014

"Doggy Hockey" [233] - September 27th 2014

Trivia 1

When the dog is pushed into a wall, it has been known to begin suffocating in it. One notable dog who experienced this was Gregory Junior. Luckily, no dogs have died on Doggy Hockey as of yet.

Gregory Junior is considered the "Doggy Hockey Dog" as he already resides in the Funland and is usually used as 'the dog'.

Gregory Junior is either found in the Golf Course or on Doggy Hockey due to his involvement in both games.

Videos 1
Minecraft Xbox - Ice Rink 231

Minecraft Xbox - Ice Rink 231

Minecraft Xbox - Danger Zone 232

Minecraft Xbox - Danger Zone 232

Minecraft Xbox - Doggy Hockey 233

Minecraft Xbox - Doggy Hockey 233

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