Dog Day
Episode 571
Release Date November 25, 2017
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All Dogs
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Minecraft Xbox - Dog Day -571-

Minecraft Xbox - Dog Day -571-

Dog Day is the 571st episode set inside Stampy's Lovely World. Stampy spends the entire episode with his dogs and have fun.

Plot Edit

Stampy started the day like he would always do by greeting to the viewers and eating cake. He brought Barnaby and went to the Love Garden and added Roxy and Crystal, for carving his face in a watermelon. He then went to the Dog House to bring all his dogs living there, then to the Kitty Cat Condo to bring Mittens (since Duncan is taken), then to the Pick-A-Pet Pet Shop to bring Fluffy, and finally, to the Golf Course to bring Gregory Jr.. They then all went to the Top Paw Assault Course to test the dogs and Mittens once again. Barnaby got 1 minute and 18 secs while Sherbet got 1 minute and 32 secs. Stampy had enough of the issues and instead, he took a break. He complained it on the behaviour of the dogs.

They then went to the Wagging Tail daycare to let his dogs relax for a while before heading to the newly-built Doggy Disco to have fun and dance. He then ended the video.

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