Infinity Series

Disney Infinity is a series broadcast on the Stampylongnose Channel.


Disney Infinity consists of a Let's-play of the Xbox 360 game by Stampy. Due to the game's complex mechanics, and having no real thick plot (instead consisting of smaller missions and quests) the episodes begin to start up when Stampy purchases a new 'playset' (much like 'Skylanders').
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First Disney Infinity


The series is split into smaller 'roots', which are titled by what playset they are featuring.

The roots as of writing are:

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Second Disney Infinity

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Third Pirates

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Fourth Disney Infinity

  • Monsters University
  • Pirates
  • The Incredibles
  • Toy Story

Click here for the official playlist of all episodes

Version 2.0Edit

There is a new game as the sequel. Stampy was playing Spider-Man but it just got finished. He also played a short toybox known as the "Magic Mayhem", a Fantasia-themed toybox featuring Wizard Mickey as his equipped skin since the toybox is Mickey themed.

Version 3.0Edit

Disney Infinity 3.0 acts as the third and final installment in the Disney Infinity series. Stampy has recorded one episode with Sqaishey and a mystery guest at the Avalanche Studios in America.

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