Different is a stop-motion Stampy short.

Plot Edit

In a world where heads with blocks for bodies and a stair for feet, there main purpose is to have plain, black and white colors and nothing new. However, one person can make multiple colors with his feet, much to everyone's disgust and disappointment, and they dismiss him for being different. One day,at school,a plane pilot can't find where to land, and nearly crashed into the school. But the one person uses his multiple colors to make a parking space, where the plane successfully lands.

The next day, everyone loves the one person and nowadays is treated kindly for who he is and colors everyone's roofs.

Credits Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only stop-motion short.
  • Stampy made this short to be about "being different and being accepted for who you are".
  • This is the second longest short, over six and a half minutes long.
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