Desert Drop is a game in the Funland.


The game is set on a historic-looking sand temple. It has an entrance not like the ordinary ones, it is a plain looking walk-in entrance. The lower floor is made of sandstone with dispensers containing firecharges. A button can be pushed to set off the firecharges, but there's a delay so the player who pushes the button will have a chance to go to the top and join the other players.In the middle there are chests with hoppers behind them to collect the cacti that the players throw down their hole. The upper floor is made of oak wood and is covered with sand and covered with cacti. In the middle there are holes to drop the cacti the players have collected.


The aim of the game is to get the most cacti by the end of the round. This game can be played from 2 - 4 players. The players will go up a ladder outside and beside the building except for the one who will push the button to fire the firecharges, but there's a delay so the player can have time to go up and play with the other players. The game starts when the dispensers fire up firecharges. Everyone must run and, at the same time, wait until a cacti has been destroyed when the wood floor burns and the sand on top of the wood will fall down afterwards. The players must then collect them and immediately drop them in the hole of their color. Once a player falls down, he/she is out and will wait for the other players to fall down too. The game ends when all the fire has disappeared, until all other players have fallen down, when all of the cacti has been collected or it has rained, (because there's no roof in this game). At the end, a player counts all the players' cacti they collected and the the player with the most wins.

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Minecraft Xbox - Desert Drop 297-2

Minecraft Xbox - Desert Drop 297-2

Desert Drop
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