Crystal Waters is a mini-game in Stampy's Funland.


The game is a glass square with a snow border supported by 4 columns. It is situated directly above the 'Crystal Rapids' game. There is a large fountain of water in the middle, and a raised level of water held up by a ring of signs.


The aim of the game is to be the last person left on the raised level of water. The round starts off by each player getting onto a diving board-like structure at the corner of the square. They put down a boat, and once everyone is ready, presses the button to be pushed into the water. Once in the water, they must drive to the upper level and try to stay there as long as possible. You can try to knock other people's boats by banging into them, and can be pushed off by the fountain in the middle. Once you are knocked off into the lower water, you are out of the game. The winner is the last person to leave the upper water. Stampy always eats bread when he's playing it sometimes.


The game was broken by the way the new boats work, since the boats now sink when they try to go up to the upper level of the arena.

The game ranked #6 in Stampy's Top 10 Broken Mini-games.

Featured VideoEdit

Minecraft Xbox - Crystal Waters 67

Minecraft Xbox - Crystal Waters 67


Crystal Waters
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