Crimson Azoth
Craig's current skin in the latest episodes of Stampy's lovely world.
First Appearance: Visiting Crimcity (3)
Last Appearance: Temple Pit (625)
Username: Crimzon Azoth
Nicknames: Craig
Gallery: Crimson Azoth Gallery
Crimson Azoth, or Craig,  is one of Stampy's best friends and a former helper. He first appeared on Episode 3 (Visiting Crimcity) and then he appeared once again on Episode 7. He hadn't appeared for a long time, over 4 months ago but as of late, appeared in Episode 74. Unfortunately, his dog, Cedric, died on that episode. He thinks Stampy killed Cedric.

Association with Stampy Edit

Crimson Azoth used to be friends with Stampy in the past. He first appeared in Visiting Crimcity where he showed to Stampy his survival world. He entered for the first time in White Chocolate Paradise.

Some of his notable contributions in the Lovely World are:

  • Love Garden - He created a dirt-made heart with a sign saying "Stampy's Love -
  • Helter Skelter - He helped Stampy build the Helter Skelter in Episode 74.

He is also notable for being the first helper to speak in a Lovely World video. That was in the episode Making A Swimming Pool. He was then followed by Sqaishey Quack few years later in which she spoke in Wiggly Worm Works.

Departure Edit

Craig left Stampy's Lovely World (to play other games) following the death of his dog (Cedric) who jumped off the Helter Skelter. His last episode was Episode 74, Helter Skelter. Stampy was with Cedric when he jumped, making it look like he was pushed. He left Minecraft altogether on Sunday, 6th October 2013 according to his Xbox Live.

Because of this, he no longer has a bedroom and gave it to IBallisticSquid.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He appeared in Stampy's Messages From Subscribers [3] video at 29:56 and said something nasty. Stampy responded by calling Crimson Azoth: "My first proper Troll". Stampy also said that he's Scottish.
  • He appeared on Stampy's Music Video "I Loved You Gregory" as a performer.
  • When Cedric was killed, he rage quit out of the game. When Stampy invited him back in, he saw that Craig wrote him a message, saying "YOU, MONSTER!!!!!!".
  • He was and still is the only one of Stampy's helpers to ever talk and send messages to Stampy during a video.
  • He was the first ever helper to join Stampy's lovely world.
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