The Creeper Coaster is a ride in Stampy's Funland. This is also the first roller coaster (proper Funland ride) in Stampy's Funland.


The main feature is a gigantic Creeper statue sitting on a hill. Winding around the creeper is a wooden track, finishing at the ground. The track travels high above and at a distant length from the creeper itself, and contains many drops and lifts. Inside the creeper is a hollow stomach with a huge TNT model inside, representing the blood and soul of a Creeper itself. A grave of his deceased dog Tikka, is found along the ride. It also has a black top hat, as Stampy's "Tradition". the creeper coaster was rode once and wasnt rode again until the 290, episode Rule The Duel and was then played again 11 episodes later on episode 301:everything else where he showed his entire funland.


Stampy builds this incredible rollercoaster that is a model of a Creeper in a top hat called Agatha but sadly as Stampy built his creeper-coaster Tikka (one of Stampy's dogs) got set on fire and burned.


  • The Creeper Coaster is one of the four rides which was built inside the Funland, the other three being the Googlies Manor, Helter Skelter and Big Banana.

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Minecraft Xbox- Creeper Coaster 54

Minecraft Xbox- Creeper Coaster 54

The episode in which the Creeper Coaster is featured

Creeper Coaster
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