Cool School
Episode 240
Release Date October 22, 2014
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L for Leeeee x
Choo Choo
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Cool School is the 240th episode of Stampy's Lovely World.


Stampy goes out on the balcony and greets the world like usual. He announces that he is being joined by Lee Bear, Sqaishey, and Choo Choo. As usual, Choo Choo has trouble getting through the door. L for Lee x then gives Stampy a cake. Then they add Chloe Wilson to the Love Garden for writing a clever and funny poem in the comments. They go to the Doghouse and pick Flippy to join them in the video. Stampy and his Minecraft Helpers start to build a school in the Downtown. He also plays Spontaneous Spleef while making the floor and wins. He finishes the school relatively fast. He notices that Flippy will not move which bugged Stampy. He says bye and ends the video.


  • Stampy was joined by the same three helpers from the last episode.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox - Cool School 240-2

Minecraft Xbox - Cool School 240-2

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