Chicken Trail is a game in the Funland. It was built for two episodes and was played on episode of the same name.

Appearance Edit

The outside is made mainly of yellow, red and white wool in two checkered patterns. The inside has the two trails, both with redstone lamps, where players guide their chickens. That area is closed off with glass above, where players stay during the duration of the game. At the start there are two chickens which they are used to play the game.

The redstone below the game is fairly simple: A dispenser dispenses a block when it is pressed by the chicken above and lights the redstone lamps. However, Stampy has to make a lot of them for each lamp and cover the edges with cobblestone to prevent the block from falling on the edge, which was why it took a lot of time to make the redstone mechanics.

Mechanics Edit

The game is made for 2 players. The players much attach their chickens with their leads to control them. A player pulls the lever to open two iron trapdoors to start the game. The player must control his/her chicken to light up all redstone lamps within their trail without lighting up the opponent's lamps. Once all redstone lamps are lighted up, the player then controls the chicken through a ladder and whoever is the fastest player to light up all lamps and climb up his/her chicken up the ladder is declared the winner.

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