"Nooo, Chicken diiiiied!"
— Stampy when Chicken dies
Stampy's Lovely World NPC

Wolf (Dog)


Stampy Cat

Collar colour

Red (default)


Dog House

First Appearance

Christmas Day

Last Appearance

Troubles Brewing (Normal) Building Wonky (As a ghost dog)



Chicken was one of Stampy's Dogs. He is the 7th dog who has died in Stampy's Lovely World.


At the Christmas Party, Stampy fed two of his wolves porkchops, making them breed. The present four wolves at the party were Barnaby, Oreo, Cedric, and Duncan, however, it is unknown who exactly his parents were. After his birth in Christmas Day, he was seen in two more episodes before meeting his death. If we look closely, we can see that Duncan breeds with either Oreo or Cedric. So, the chance of Luna, Barnaby's daughter, being related to Chicken is very slim.


Stampy was building a water pillar on camera in his house with Chicken wandering around. Chicken swam up the pillar of water and drowned.

His grave is located near the entrance to the Nether Portal because it is said that his body was flown all the way down.



  • Chicken is the first dog that was born on Christmas, the other is Luna.
  • Stampy said in several early episodes that chicken's ghost can be heard.
    Chicken grave

    Chicken's Grave

  • He was one of several dogs to commit ‘suicide’.
  • In Episode 109 "Stampy's Wolf Pack" he put Chicken's sign next to Tikka's sign in the Dog Memorial area in the Doggy Assault Course and joked how it formed the word Chicken Tikka which is a type of curry.
  • Chicken currently has the second shortest time alive by episode(4 episodes), onlyGregory's being shorter(1 episode). However, Chicken has the shortest time alive out of the Wolf Pack, as Gregory was not a part of the technical Wolf Pack.

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