Castle Crumble is a mini-game in the Funland.

Castle Crumble

Castle Crumble






Minecraft Helpers (Temporarily)

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The entire game is surrounded by a yellow wall with water outside of it. There is a doorbridge on the front as a way of going in. There are two areas on opposite sides, one is for the first player (blue team) and one for the second player (red team). In the middle there is a dispenser with things (which are listed below) and two chests with stacks of sand in.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The players start by making their own sandcastle while hiding their coloured wool inside of it. On this portion players must be sneaky when hiding their wool so their opponent won't see it, but the sandcastle will not cross the top of the flags. Once the last player is done building, the players switch places and press the button to be lucky of getting one of these things:

  • Stick - The player is allowed to break a single block.
  • Sand - The player puts a sand given by the dispenser to put it anywhere within the opponent's area.
  • Torch - The player is allowed to use a torch to remove a column of sand of the sandcastle.
  • Redstone Torch - The player is allowed to break a single block or put the sand anywhere within the opponent's area.

The player is tasked to do whatever the thing is dispensed out, and the first one to find their opponent's coloured wool is declared the winner.

Rankings[edit | edit source]

The game ranked #7 in Stampy's Top 10 Mini-Games.

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