Cart Count is a mini-game built inside the Funland.

Appearance Edit

The game is set inside a giant replica of a mine cart. Inside there are torches inside item frames, which are used to input the players' answers. At the end of the corridor is a window which displays the minecarts. Another two corridors appear also at the end, which both lead to an iron door which can be opened when the player inputs the correct answer. Inside is a chest containing an emerald, which is then used to put inside an empty item frame at the beginning to win the game.

There is also a door at the back of the game which leads to the behind the scenes portion of the game. It is where the player can place the minecarts for the other players to guess, and it is also where the redstone for the input of the players is located, and the player must adjust must put four redstone repeaters, two for each side, so that the input corresponds to the number of the minecarts are displayed.

Gameplay Edit

The game is played for 3 people; one person controlling the game, and the other two persons as the real players of the game. Once the game is all set, the controller opens the window, which starts the round. The players must determine how many minecarts the controller put, then they have to input their answer using the torches in the item frames. If their answer is correct, the iron door on their sides open which gain access to the emerald. The players must then put the emerald in their empty item frames, and the player whose answered correctly and puts the emerald into the item frame first is declared the winner.

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