Cake Thief
Episode 220
Minecraft Xbox - Cake Thief 220

Minecraft Xbox - Cake Thief 220

Release Date August 13, 2014
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Cake Thief is the 220th episode in Stampy's Lovely World

Synopsis Edit

This episode links that they have finish the Police Station in honor of Spring and solve the mystery of the cakes. 


Stampy wakes up and Lee doesn't have a cake for Stampy. Ester was also missing. Lee wins the Minecart Game. Stampy decides to take Bengy then they continue their day by building the interior of the Playful Po Po Station.

When they finish, they notice a trail of feathers leading them around Downtown Stampy's Lovely World leading them to various places including the Crazy Cow Milk Bar and Melon Moment. It finally leads them to the Pick-A-Pet Pet Shop to find that Ester was the Cake Thief.

They end the video with a Snowball Fight (and Lee won).


  • The video thumbnail would suggest that Bengy is the Cake Thief. This however isn't the case as he is actually the police dog.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox - Cake Thief 220

Minecraft Xbox - Cake Thief 220

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