Cake Peek a Boo is a game played by Stampy and the other Minecraft helpers. It is by placing a cake on a block, then crouching and peeking up eventually several times. Then Stampy ruins the game and eats all the cake. This game is very difficult for Choo Choo because his head is large.  It was first played in an episode of Finnball's Kingdom.

Cake peek a boo

Cake Peek A Boo is traditionally played on a block of oak wood.

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The game has a hilarious appearance, apparently with Choo Choo as his forehead is so big it doesn't fit under the cake.

Trivia Edit

  • Stampy once said that the game is difficult with Choo Choo, as his head is so large, and Squid, as he has eyes on the side of his head.