Cake is Stampy's favourite food.

Stampy's Cake TimetableEdit

At the beginning of each Minecraft main-series video Stampy ate his cake every single morning after he bake it himself in his kitchen.

Later on in the video, Stampy gets hungry. Another's ( they hate cake) not cake down (although more recently carrots)

Types of cake Edit

Cake comes in many different varieties in Stampy's videos.

There is,  of course, the classic cake. (some say you can't beat the classic).

There is carrot cake which has soared in popularity over the last few months, especially due to Stampy's fondness of carrots.

There is the rarer seen 'Apple Pie', and the only once-sighted 'Pork Chop Cake'. 

The disgusting green cake, seen in Halloween. 

And the most recent cake (which is rather gross) is the "Fish Cake.

He even tasted the "World's Tastiest Cake" on Episode 100 in his lab.

Trivia leave a cake for Stampy in his room. Edit

  • In the Episode Revelation, it is seen that Hit the Target loves cake too.
  • Starting in Episode 101, Chubby Kitty to Episode 103, Fish Me A Dish, Lee put Stampy on a diet because he ate the whole World's Tastiest Cake.
  • Stampy ate a cake that made Stampy sleep in sleepy Stampy which was made by hit the target.
  • Stampy also had a cake dream
  • It was revealed that it was added in the Love Garden in Episode 203.
  • Fizzy Elephant stole a slice from Stampy's Breakfast Cake. But he appeared on two episodes, "Bed Hoppers", and "Blobs".
  • In episodes 561 and 562, Fizzy Elephant puts Beetroot on Stampy's Cake which made it "completely inedible".