Bye Bear
Episode 339
Release Date September 19, 2015
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Bye Bear is the 339th episode inside of Stampy's Lovely World.

Plot Edit

After the events of last episode, Stampy and Lee decide to spend the day having fun. First, they go to the Love Garden to add a viewer by the name, Grizzlybear1232, because they made a model of Stampy and a cake out of foam blocks. They briefly went to the Dog House to pick up Barnaby, who returned to the family after he was missing. Afterwards, the pair went to the Funland to play. After a few games, Lee suddenly gives Stampy a book saying he's leaving to Stampy's dismay. Stampy says goodbye to Lee and notes that he hopes he will see Lee again. Lee leaves a chest behind for Stampy which contains the recipe for Lee's famous cakes. Stampy thanks Lee for being a great helper up to this point and mentions it'll likely be the last they get to see of Lee.

The BookEdit

This message is exact from the episode it was taken.

"Dear Stampy,

I am afraid to tell you that I am leaving. I have been your number 1 helper for years but I feel like you no longer need me. I am going to travel across the world looking for people that need help. I will also try and track down Hit The Target so you and your dogs will be safe. Thanks for all the fun.

Lee Bear.

Ps. I left you a presnt in the chest."

Trivia Edit

  • This is the final appearance of Lee Bear.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox - Bye Bear -339-

Minecraft Xbox - Bye Bear -339-

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