Bury Berry 2: In Space is a game in the Funland. It is the re-imagining of the original Bury Berry game.


The game consists of two rooms having different designs, but the measurement is all the same. The first room is an obsidian room where the blue "space berries" are "planted" (or placed), while the other room is a birch room where the green berries are planted. Both rooms don't have roofs, have soulsand flooring and have two rooms under which are used to hide the berries. The middle is the starting point of the game as well as the X-ray machine, in which it uses a glitch for consoles.

How to PlayEdit

This game is a memory game that can be played for two players. Players choose which side they desire. Then the players have to get the berries from the tree and hide it on the room under. It is better that you will be sneakily put the berries at difficult locations. Players then switch sides and use the X-ray machine to see the berries the opponent has put. After a few seconds, the players go on their opponent's rooms and break five holes to guess where the berries have been put. If there is a berry found, the player earns a point. The player with the most berries found is the winner.


The game doesn't work anymore because the "X-ray" glitch was patched by an update (4J's fault). Now, the glowstone hurts the player instead.


The game ranked #3 in Stampy's Top 10 Broken Mini-games. A new one will be bury berry 3 in snow it could be built in episode 1152.

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