Building Time
A Minecraft series by Stampy
Playthrough Information
Starring Stampy Cat
Let's Play Type Series
Run date(s) 25 September 2015 - 5 May 2017
Status Complete
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Building Time is a series of Stampylongnose and IBallisticSquid on the Minecraft Xbox that started on September 25th, 2015. Starring Stampylongnose, and IBallisticSquid, Building Time is a quick build series where Squid and Stampy must "Build in Time!" This is the last regular Minecraft series which features the Stampy-Squid tandem.

History Edit

Stampy and Squid originally decided to do this series because of a past series of theirs with the same basic concept. Earlier before the airing of the series, Stampy had posted tweets on Twitter about requesting suggestions for the quick build. He revealed the new series a day before the airing also on Twitter.

Plot Edit

The series was all about building in time. Stampy and Squid would have under 15 minutes to build something based on a selected theme in their squares which were separated by a giant black wall. After they have each built something they would "burn the wall" revealing what the other person had built. The viewers would then had to vote for which build they thought was the best. Then the winner would be announced at the beginning of the following episode. Once a winner had been declared (by the group of assorted apes and monkeys who count the votes), they would place one block onto their podium. The winner of the series would be declared once either Stampy or Squid reach 50 wins.

Themes for the builds were suggested by the viewers and were chosen by Sqaishey. To suggest a theme you would just leave a comment on one of the videos.

Episodes Edit

Episode 1: Island paradise

Episode 2: Wonderland

Episode 3: Pond

Episode 4: Man at the Gym

Episode 5: Alien Planet


Building Time. Building Time. Who will win and who will fall? Find out when we burn the wool! It's Building Time!

Episode 6: Halloween Special

Episode 7: Fireworks Display

Episode 8: Disco Night

Episode 9: Funfair

Episode 10: 5 Star Hotel

Episode 11: Dog Park

Episode 12: 3 Mini Mini-Builds

Episode 13: Star Wars Special: Lightsaber Fight

Episode 14: Christmas Special: Gingerbread House

Episode 15: New Year Special: New Years Eve Party

Episode 16: Safari

Episode 17: Tree House

Episode 18: Salad Land

Episode 19: Birthday Party (Squid's Birthday)

Episode 20: Art Gallery

Episode 21: Dream Date

Episode 22: Airport

Episode 23: Game Show

Episode 24: Camping

Episode 25: Robot Invasion

Episode 26: Secret Garden

Episode 27: Easter Special: Easter Egg Hunt

Episode 28: Adventure Map

Episode 29: Circus

Episode 30: Arcade

Episode 31: Candy Factory

Episode 32: Animal Farm

Episode 33: Double Special - Train Station (Part 1)

Episode 34: Double Special - Train Station (Part 2)

Episode 35: Bowling Alley

Episode 36: The Wither Storm

Epsidoe 37: Godzilla

Episode 38: 4J Studios Special - Shipwreck

Episode 39: Football (Soccer) Stadium

Episode 40: Parade

Episode 41: Jack the Dragon Killer

Episode 42: Clock Tower

Episode 43: Karate Dojo

Episode 44: Holiday Retreat

Episode 45: Double Special - The Future (Part 1)

Episode 46: Double Special - The Future (Part 2)

Episode 47: Supermarket

Episode 48: Wizard Tower

Episode 49: Jungle

Episode 50: Film Set

Episode 51: Crystal Caves

Episode 52: Blimp

Episode 53: MEGA BUILD - Enchanted Forest (Part 1)

Episode 54: MEGA BUILD - Enchanted Forest (Part 2)

Episode 55: MEGA BUILD - Enchanted Forest (Part 3)

Episode 56: MEGA BUILD - Enchanted Forest (Part 4)

Episode 57: Giant Board Game

Episode 58: Something Peculiar

Episode 59: Volcano 

Episode 60: Aquarium

Episode 61: Robot

Episode 62: Tiger

Episode 63: Computer

Episode 64: Space Station

Episode 65: Wild West

Episode 66: Santa's Grotto

Episode 67: Santa's Grotto

Episode 68: Wedding

Episode 69: Transformer

Episode 70: Party Bus

Episode 71: Building Time?!

Episode 72: Build Anything?!

Episode 73: Chinese Garden

Episode 74: Dreamland

Episode 75: Pigsty Derby

Episode 76: Quidditch

Episode 77: Ancient Building

Episode 78: Fairytale

Episode 79: Man On The Moon

Episode 80: Movie Night

Episode 81: Anything!

Episode 82: MEGA BUILD - Time (Part 1)

Episode 83: MEGA BUILD - Time (Part 2)

Episode 84: MEGA BUILD - Time (Part 3)

Episode 85: The Final Building Time

"Hello! This Stampy, and welcome to Building Time! The show where Squid and I have to Build in Time! On a Friday!"
— Stampy's intro to the Building Time episodes.

Top 10's Edit

The Top 10 lists for the series can be found here.


  • Originally Episode 1 was going to feature the building of the podiums. This episode was filmed but never aired.
  • The Building Time Theme Song was written by Sqaishey and sung by Stampy and Squid.
  • Sqaishey picks the weekly themes.
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