Brewing Room



Stampy's House, Stampy's Lovely World

Built by

Stampy Cat

The Brewing Room is an area in Stampy's House.


It is a room with a mirror rooftop. The entire top floor above the Storeroom occupied this area. It includes brewing tools like Spider Eye, Fire charge and others. There are also brewing stands to brew and cauldrons to fill bottles with water. Behind the painting is the Enchanting Room, where the tools can be enchanted for extra power. Fred's Room can be reached by a double door behind, while the Storerooms below are reached by ladders.


This area was used to be a rooftop balcony to have a view around the surroundings. However it was proved useless, and instead made a brewing room for potion-making.


At the start of episode 219, Stampy heard a zombie growling near in the Crafting Room. He investigated the general area, including the mushroom farm, but was unable to find the cause.


Stampy's dog Chicken drowned in the waterfall and died. His grave is all the way down near the entry to the Nether Portal, because his body floated down the water fall.

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