What it is 1

Blocked is a game in the Funland that tests players to open chests while being blocked by their opponents.

The game is set on a diamond-shaped arena with a unique design. The game's primary colours are blue, yellow, lime, pink, white and black. The first five colours were used for the walls (except white) and the patterns on the floor, while black was used as the background colour that gave the floor a unique pattern. Each side has a door, and two levers labelled 'Start' and 'Reset' - these are used to control the timer for the game. Inside are nine trapped chests which, when opened, they activate a signal that the chests were opened.

How it is used 1

This game requires two or more players. One player takes the role of the attacker, the one who attempts to open the chests, while the rest of the players take the blocker, the ones who prevent the other player from gaining points by blocking the chests.

After the timer starts, the attacker attempts to open as much chests as he/she can. The blockers, on the other hand, stand on top of the chests in order for the attacker not to open them. All of the chests are worth 1 point when opened. Of course, there is time pressure, so the attacker must get out of the arena before the door shuts, otherwise, the attacker receives no points even if he/she opened the chests.

After all the players take turns, the one with the highest number of points is the winner.

When it was made 1

Blocked was constructed and played on the following episodes:

Fast Paced” [636], uploaded on 7th July 2018

Do Not Jump” [637], uploaded on 11th July 2018

Blocked” [638], uploaded on 14th July 2018

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