{{Location2|Name = Big Banana|Type = Ride|Inhabitants = None|image = File:BBR.jpg |Builders = *Stampy Cat

|FirstAppearance = Big Banana |OtherAppearances = Fruity Fun Funland Tour Big Banana is a ride that was built in the Funland.


The ride is set on a big figure of a banana (hence the name). The middle of the banana are rails which were used to move the minecart properly. A starting point is located below where the passenger rides a minecart leading to the proper ride.


The passenger rides on a minecart provided in the starting point. The passenger then pushes a button

beside to ramp his/her way up to the ride. Once the passenger is at the banana, it only goes back and forth thanks to the ends on each side. After sometime, it automatically goes back down to the starting point.

Trivia Edit

  • Many requested for Stampy to make a ride, resulting him to make the first requested ride, Big Banana.
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