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Benton is one of Stampy's Dogs. He is the dog with the cyan collar. Benton is one of the dogs that is rarely taken by Stampy, but still is one of Stampy's favorite dogs. Benton is Duncan's older brother. It was last taken in this episode, "Evil Pet".


Duncan (younger brother)

Personality Edit

Benton is a rather lazy dog, and he finds an excuse for porkchops and belly rubs, an acts the most cheeky out of any of the dogs.


  • Sometimes In Stampy's earlier episodes, Stampy would say a joke, as he calls Benton repeatedly, and he would eventually say "JESUS CHRIST BENTON!", a reference to a then-viral video posted on YouTube about a man calling Fenton in Richmond Park.
  • Benton is the 3rd dog to be taken by Stampy for two consecutive episodes. The episodes are Vault Of Treasure and Pig Problem.
  • In Episode 271, he was taken out with Bengy and nearly died near the googlies farm.
  • Even if Benton is rarely taken by Stampy, Benton is currently the 3rd oldest dog in Stampy's Wolfpack.
  • He is rumored to be Stampy's least favourite dog because he is rarely taken out, and is rarely mentioned.
  • Stampy got the idea for his name from a video even though the dog's name was Benton.
  • He is Duncan's older brother.
  • He is noted for being Stampy’s most cheeky dog.
  • Despite this his role is to do the job interview, and deliberately gets sidetracked every time.
  • This is because he forces Stampy to give him porkchops and belly rubs.


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2014 Stampy Fan Awards Best Dog Nominated
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