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Bengy is a dog in Stampy's Lovely World. In Episode 220: Cake Thief, he became the assistant police dog in place of Spring, for the Playful Po Po Station. was last taken in the episode, "Building Wonky" along with Harry the Horse taken.


Bengy is a dog who became Stampy’s Lovely World’s assistant police dog after Spring died. He is a very loyal and trusting dog and he has a blue collar which resembles him as a police officer.


  • He is the third dog to be taken for two consecutive episodes, after Flippy and Benton. (Fruity Fragrance and Clean Them Clothes)
  • Bengy is the 7th oldest dog in Stampy's Wolfpack.
  • The colour of his skin and collar resemble that of police colours.
  • Bengy is in charge of advertising Stampy's channel in Lovely Inc.
  • In the episode TV Show, Bengy and Corey almost died when they fell down.
  • After Bengy was added in the Love Garden, he picked this dog in the episode Mental Block.
  • In The Behind the Scenes video for Lovely Incorporated’s building, Bengy originally was having a job relating to combat.
  • The sign was first put up in Episode 22, but it was first taken in Episode 41 (or Meeting My Number 1 Fan).
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