This page is about the current series on the stampylongnose channel. For the behind the scenes videos of the MagicAnimalClub, check this here.

Behind The Scenes are a series of videos which involves Stampy in his process of planning, conceptualizing, and styling his builds which then it will be featured on the Stampylonghead channel. All these videos are uploaded on Stampy's side-channel, Stampylongnose.

Videos Edit

Stampy's Lovely World Edit

Boat Bowling
Build Release date
Fall For It 24th June 2016
Coffee Corner1 13th - 20th August 2016
Dodge n' Drop 4th December 2016
7th January 2017
Laugh On Logs 17th February 2017
Nice Cream 1st April 2017
Harry Hops 8th April 2017
Zen Zone Dojo1 21st - 22nd April 2017
Cart Count1 3rd - 5th May 2017
Lovely Inc. Skyscraper1 31st May 2017, 17th June 2017
Knock 'Em Dead 11th October 2017
Cookie Crumble1 2nd - 4th November 2017
Sign Language Fishy 29th November 2017
Fast Food 16th December 2017
Magmatch 1st January 2018
Risk It 14th February 2018
Fancy Circle Park 4th March 2018
Yoink 16th March 2018
Now We're Cooking 24th March 2018
Knock Out 8th April 2018
A Blast 29th April 2018
Temple Pit 25th May 2018
Bingo 13th June
Temple Track 27th June 2018
Blocked 19th July 2018
Good News 2nd August 2018
Stuck In 16th August 2018
Music Master 8th September 2018

Stampy Shorts Edit

Video Release date
Rather Silly 4th September 2016
Not Alone2 17th September 2016
Different1 29th January 2017

Other Videos Edit

Video Release date
Sketchbook World1 6th - 11th July 2016
Community World 23rd July 2016
My Empty Lovely World 10th August 2016
PlayStation Sketchbook World1 28th December 2016, 9th June 2017
Nintendo Switch Sketchbook 9th September 2017
My Failed Mini-Game Idea 4th October 2017
Block Of The Dead - Destroyed Lovely World3 31st October 2017
What Is This?3 31st October 2017
  • 1 - This build/video was made in two parts.
  • 2 - Director's Commentary only.
  • 3 - This video was made for the Halloween 2017 special, Scary Movies.

More info Edit