Bed Bugs is a Stampy Short.

Synopsis Edit

Stampy shows the true meaning of "Don't let the bedbugs bite".

Plot Edit

A mom puts her son to bed, and tells him "Don't let the bedbugs bite". It zooms in on the bed where they show a bunch of blue tents and a couple of bedbugs. The bedbug and his son engage in a conversation of the controversy of that phrase, much to the son's disgust. After going on about his choice of food he eats and anger, his son suggests that it doesn't really matter, whereas the dad continues to ramble on. The son finally gives up and goes to bed, where his dad says "Don't let the bed nymphs bite!". It zooms in on the bedbug's bed, where an exact replica of the bedbug world, except red and with bed nymphs, is shown. One of the bed nymphs says, "Don't let the bed nymphs bite? Well I never!" in disgust.

Credits Edit

  • Voice acting
    • HarooKangaroo as the mom
    • AvengerGrr as the son
    • Stampylonghead as Bed Bug Dad, Bed Bug Son (uncredited)
    • Sqaishey as Bed Nymph
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