Beat the Heat 2 is a minigame built in the Funland.

History Edit

The original Beat the Heat minigame was played in episode of the same name, where it was used to determine who would be the Employee of the Month for the Beat the Heat Fire Station. It was never played after that episode since it was just a one-off game.

Two years later, a new and improved version of the game was permanently built by Stampy Cat and William Beaver in the Funland. The new version still keeps the original concept, but with a few changes and additions.

Appearance Edit

The game is made out entirely with snow and surrounded with a snow wall with some glass to see the other people play the game. It is also marked with orange clay on the first side and red clay on the other. On both ends are the targets, in which the players are aiming for to win. Yellow clay marks the middle of the game which has the dispensers used to shoot the other player's target, and two redstone lamps which determine if you win or not. It is signaled by the sand dropping from the top of the target using a tripwire hook and a redstone trail leading to the redstone lamp.

Differences from the original gameEdit

  • The walls are made out of snow with glass in the sides, while in the original one it is only made out of fences. It was intended to be changed to protect the rest of the Funland.
  • The signaling system is now triggered by the sand dropping into the tripwire hook and a redstone trail leading to a redstone lamp, while in the original it is triggered by the burning of the wool with a redstone dust above it at the back of the target.

How to Play Edit

Both players must shoot their opponents' targets while they must put out the fire on their own targets. The first player to drop the sand all the way down wins. The game requires strategy and is also intense when you play it by yourself.

Trivia Edit

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