Beat The Heat
Episode 214
Minecraft Xbox - Beat The Heat 214

Minecraft Xbox - Beat The Heat 214

Release Date July 23, 2014
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Beat The Heat is the 214th episode inside of Stampy's Lovely World.

Synopsis Edit

They played the mini-game based on the Beat the Heat Fire Station, and then played Flop, and Snow Throw.


The episode begins in as always Stampy's Bedroom. Stampy took a long breath say "L for Leeeee x!", but he did not did the proper first appearance.

They did the high five jump but it wasn't successful, but after many attempts, it was successful.

Then they went to the balcony to play a brand new mini-game where you must shoot the minecart while moving.

They must have 3 tries per episode, but both of them haven't shoot to the minecart. Then they went to the love garden where he added Sqaishey, Stampy's partner in the Sky Den Series.

He hinted that she will be a helper in Stampy's Lovely World soon. Then he showed one of the three fire alarms in the world. Then he went to the doghouse, showed his second fire alarm and say 'Hi' to the dogs, but sadly he didn't bring one dog.

Now Stampy and Lee then proceed to play the mini-game based on the Beat the Heat Fire Station, called Beat the Heat! The aim of the game is to protect each other's walls, without burning any of the wool. The winner is the person who protected his wall and not on the other.

They went to Stampy's Funland to play some mini-games. Lee chose to play Flop, which he never played for a very long time, but Stampy won the game. Stampy chose to play Snow Throw, which he never played for a short time. In that game, they drew. Before he ended the video, he showed the last fire alarm and played the Super Mario Tune.

Features Edit

Helpers Edit

  • Stampy
  • L for Lee x

Locations Edit

  • Stampy's House
  • Love Garden
  • Beat the Heat Fire Station
  • Stampy's Funland

Mini-Games Edit

  • Flop
  • Snow Throw
  • Beat the Heat

Music Edit

Soundtrack Edit



  • When Lee and Stampy were playing Beat The Heat, the SS Stumpy was set on fire.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox- Beat The Heat [214]

Minecraft Xbox - Beat The Heat 214

Minecraft Xbox - Beat The Heat 214

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