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First Appearance: Back In Crimcity (13)
Last Appearance: Unknown
Username: Unknown
Nicknames: Ank
Gallery: "Unknown"

Ank55 is the oldest current helper in Stampy's Lovely World. Ank's Minecraft skin is the default Steve skin. He helps Stampy out in many ways and stays with him on when Ank is here.

History Edit

He drowned in Wishing Well (episode), dressed up as IBallisticSquid.

Ank was introduced in Episode 13. He makes a major appearance in Episode 80 where Stampy builds his Dunking Booth and then Ank lagged out. Stampy says that he was upset. Ank left because Ank was good with redstone. In the same Episode, he accidentally pushed off one of Stampy's dogs, Arrow, who fell off the Dunking Booth while it was being built. After that, however, he started getting back in Stampy's videos.

In Stampy's Christmas Episode (2012), he introduces/makes Henry (off screen). In the same episode Ank throws snow balls at Stampy's oldest dog Barnaby which results in Barnaby attacking Ank. About 50 episodes later, Ank was in Henry and Hilda's room and was shocked when he saw Henry (assuming). Ank appeared in Episode 201 when he pushed Stampy off the balcony.

He only appears in the Lovely World with LONG bow X99 every year until 2015 for one of Stampy's Christmas Traditions, building snowmen.



Minecraft- Accidents in the Lava Room [17]: Accidents in the Lava Room

Minecraft- Dunking Booth [80]: Dunking Booth

Minecraft- Christmas Day [45]: Christmas Day

Minecraft- Big Board Game [201]: Big Board Game

Trivia Edit

  • Whenever he is in a video, but Lee isn't there, he is always seen making a Lee Model.
  • He was responsible for Arrow's death.
  • With the help of LONG bow X99 and LongShotBTG, he did the Ice Bucket Challenge.
  • He was the one who dressed up as IBallisticSquid and he drowned.
  • He did not appear in Feeling Festive because he was not available to play with them. Instead, Fizzy Elephant made the third snowman.
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