"Loves it!"
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Amy Lee33

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5th June 2013



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Amy Lee33

Amy Lee33
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First Appearance: Go Fishing [1]
Last Appearance: Tournament Day [499]
Username: amylee33,amy
Nicknames: amycutiepie
Gallery: Gallery:AmyLee33

AmyLee33 is a Minecraft player. She plays Minecraft with her friends.


She joined YouTube around July 2013, and made her first YouTube channel. To properly launch the channel, she released her first ever video with Stampy in Stampy's Lovely World while playing games in the Funland.

In 2014, she made another YouTube channel where she releases vlogs. This is named Amy's World, formerly known as AmyLee33 two.

Association with StampyEdit

Amy helped Stampy build buildings and minigames in Stampy's Lovely World in some episodes. She used to have a room in Stampy's House, but Stampy gave it to Henry and Hilda after she lost a tournament on one of the games in the Funland. She also used to have a house in Stampy's Village, in which the basement is connected to Salem's, but was removed as in Stampy's Recycling program as part of the Downtown expansion.

Her most notable contribution in the Lovely World are the Lovely Jubbley Love Love Petals (Roses). In the episode Lovely Jubbley, she planted the first rose at the Funland. The rose still stays there until now.

Stampy has also appeared on Amy's channel. Some of his notable appearances are in Amy's pilot episode where they play games in the Funland, and Amy's birthday video.

She has been a guest in Wonder Quest.

In December 2013, when Stampy's channel was taken out by Google and YouTube, she started a petition to help protest their decision. It received over 6,000 signatures.


  • "Lovely jubbly love love petals"
  • "Loves it forever !"
  • "Can you not even try?!''
  • "Googlies"
  • "Funsies of love!"
  • "I can't even!"
  • "Silly little gooseberry."
  • "I just can't even''
  • "Confuzzled'
  • "luv luv luv luv''
  • Loves it!
  • I love your face!
  • You silly goose!
  • "Miah! Don't be normal!


In MinecraftEdit

Amy's skin is a mermaid. She has pink hair with a blue and yellow tiara/headband. She has pink eyebrows and three shades of blue for iris. She has pink lips and cheeks. And she has aquamarine colored bracelets. While she has three shades of purple scales for her tail. And her pink hair at the back of her skin ends in a light blue hair tie. Her PC skin does not have the hair tie. As "Hermione Lee33", she wears dark grey dress with black witches hat and no hairband-like tiara. Shoes are black.

In Real LifeEdit

  • Has brown eyes
  • 30 years old
  • Has black hair


  • Gamer tag: Amy_Lee_33 on PC
  • Favourite colour: Pink
  • Nieces: Rachel, Holly and Livi
  • Sister in law: SalemsLady
  • Soul sister: Dayna Martin (IndigoRose33)
  • Her pet cat is named Poppy.Hi Hi Hi
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